Present and Past Students

Seungyeop Han
Xiao (Sophia) Wang
Predicting, Indicating, and Crowd-Sourcing Web Login Encryption with Piigeon (MS 2011, with B.Greenstein)
Richa Prasad
Energy Debugging for RFID Sensor Networks (MS 2009, with B.Greenstein)
Michael Buettner
A Flexible Software Radio Transceiver for UHF RFID Experimentation (MS 2009, with T.Anderson)
Dan Halperin
Practical Interference Cancellation for Wireless LANs (MS 2008, with T.Anderson)
Ethan Katz-Bassett
Delay-based IP Geolocation (MS 2005, with Y.Chawathe)
Charlie Reis
An Empirical Characterization of Wireless Network Behavior (MS 2005, with J.Zahorjan)
Ankur Jain
Rapid and Efficient Detection of Anomalous Aggregates (MS 2005)
Maya Rodrig
Improving Client Throughput with Multi-Hop Relaying in Wireless Mesh Networks (PhD 2008, with J.Zahorjan)
Stavan Parikh
FORi: A Flexible Overlay Routing Infrastructure (MS 2004)
Ratul Mahajan
Practical and Efficient Routing with Competing Interests (PhD 2005, with T.Anderson)
RED-PD: RED with Preferential Dropping (MS 2001, with S.Floyd)
Neil Spring
Efficient discovery of network topology and routing policy in the Internet (PhD 2004, with T.Anderson)
A Protocol-Independent Technique for Eliminating Redundant Network Traffic (MS 2001)
Robert Grimm
System Support for Pervasive Applications (PhD 2002, with B.Bershad)
Andrew Whitaker
Forwarding without loops in Icarus (MS 2001)
David Ely
ALPINE: A User-Level Infrastructure for Network Protocol Development (MS 2000)

Other Collaborators

Aruna Balasubramanian, UW
Jaeyeon Jung, Microsoft Research
Anmol Sheth, Technicolor
Ben Greenstein, Google
Wenjun Hu, UW
Yoshi Kohno, UW
Arvind Krishnamurthy, UW
Josh Smith, UW
John Zahorjan, UW
Xiaowei Yang, Duke
Srinivasan Seshan, CMU
Tom Anderson, UW